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Comexp performed checks to estimate lost ad time.


Comexp and its analytical service TV-Monitoring.Pro estimated potential losses of advertisers due to violations of the media plans and lost airings of regional ads in 2014.

Regional TV ads: every second airing comes with violation of the media plan

Comexp research 1

Comexp and its analytical service TV-Monitoring.Pro presented the results of a wide-scale survey of regional ads on the leading TV channels in Russia. According to the survey, 48% of the ads are broadcast with violations.

Comexp and ASTEL held a seminar on TV ad monitoring in Kazakhstan


On April 1-2, Comexp and its partner ASTEL held a seminar called “New TV and ad monitoring opportunities in Kazakhstan” for advertisers, TV channels and advertising agencies.

In-house TV ad tracking: control points

TV auditing

To continue on media auditing, let’s talk about simple and economical tools of TV ad monitoring and see how each advertiser can get the best of them.

Client Case Study: how to spend $75 on monitoring and get $4,500 worth of advertising as a bonus


A practical example of how an advertiser can ensure fulfillment of its media plan and get a 60x return on its monitoring costs.