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Comexp and ASTEL held a seminar on TV ad monitoring in Kazakhstan


On April 1-2, Comexp and its partner ASTEL held a seminar called “New TV and ad monitoring opportunities in Kazakhstan” for advertisers, TV channels and advertising agencies.

In-house TV ad tracking: control points

TV auditing

To continue on media auditing, let’s talk about simple and economical tools of TV ad monitoring and see how each advertiser can get the best of them.

Media auditing: zoom on your ads

Media auditing3

Media auditing is becoming an industry standard in foreign advertising markets. Yet in Russia it is only used by large advertisers. Is it a privilege for the few or a marketing need for everyone? Let’s take a closer look at the global practices of media auditing and glimpses of media auditing in Russia.

TV monitoring in Kazakhstan: what’s the point of alternative data sources?

kz min

We are launching a regular section called “Monitoring in Kazakhstan” to highlight key activities and events in this area.

Client Case Study: how to spend $75 on monitoring and get $4,500 worth of advertising as a bonus


A practical example of how an advertiser can ensure fulfillment of its media plan and get a 60x return on its monitoring costs.

GRP pitfalls


GRP, the “currency” of TV advertising market, is an inseparable part of any blog on TV monitoring. We are not going to dwell on calculation techniques since there are hardly and advertisers or agencies unfamiliar with the subject. Instead, we will focus on things, which may not be obvious, but will have dramatic influence on […]

Want to save up to 20% and get the best of your advertising budget? Read the new blog on TV and ad monitoring!


Information and analytical centre of Comexp is launching a new blog devoted to TV monitoring in Russia and Kazakhstan. It will be focused on placement and control of TV ads, audience and GRP metrics, broadcast quality, copyright protection and other controversial aspects of TV broadcasting.